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Who We Are?


Al Malas Contracting Oil Storage Tank' is a well-known united Arab Emirate oil storage and Shipping company, which main purpose is for storage of Petroleum Products,.
We look forward to handle your petroleum products!

Mission & Vision


Our Mission: Al Malas Contracting Provides Energy Transportation and Storage Services in a Safe, Efficient and Environmentally Responsible Manner for the Benefit of People, Communities and Businesses.

Our Vision: Delivering Energy to Improve Lives and Create a Better World.


Help Al Malas Contracting deliver energy to improve lives and create a better world. The energy we transport helps power homes and businesses and fuels cars and airplanes from coast to coast – a feat that would not be possible without our extraordinary people. We have approximately 11,000 employees who power Kinder Morgan and we are looking to add even more.


  • The Cumberland Project will provide up to 245,000 dekatherms per day of additional natural gas transportation to the Project shipper to support the shipper’s proposed retirement and replacement of an existing coal fired power plant with a natural gas fired, combined cycle power plant.
  • The East 300 Upgrade Project will increase natural gas capacity on the existing Tennessee Gas Pipeline system by 115,000 dekatherms per day (Dth/day) to meet the specified market need of Consolidated The increased transportation capacity and access to the natural gas supplies will help eliminate capacity constraints in the Northeast region, especially during periods of peak demand, ensuring that the area is able to meet residential, commercial, and industrial heating and cooling needs.